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Eastern Decoratives

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Crystal Metallic




This exclusive decorative collection was developed in close partnership with several Asian papermakers. 

The range features unique embossed designs and/or metallic color combinations to present a dazzling collection of unique and versatile papers. 

Packaging designers, in particular, love this range as each of these papers can also be made in custom colors, sizes and weights. 

The family consists of:

  • Cyrstal Metallic has a brushed aluminum look

  • Heather has a wool-like appearance

  • Pique has a quilted, dimpled pattern

  • Pleat has a tight, linear pattern

  • Slalom has uniform wavy lines

  • Stone resembles cobblestones


  • Made in China

  • Various embossings

  • Neutral pH

  • 100% sulphite

  • Specialty Paper



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