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Hahnemuhle William Turner

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Hahnemuhle 'William Turner' is primarily a Watercolor & Printmaking Mould made in Germany, 100% cotton, warm white, acid-free & neutral pH, chlorine-free, 300gsm (140 lb), 4 natural deckled edges with a medium Cold-Pressed surface. 

It is internal sized with minimal surface sizing but still recognized as an excellent paper for all aqueous and watercolor applications having fantastic wet strength and great dimensional stability to dry flat after wet applications and wash. Sheet size: 21.6 x 28.7 inches (NO watermark). 

The grade of paper was penned after the famous English 18th/19th century painter J. M. W. Turner (Joseph Mallord William Turner - one of the most versatile, successful and controversial landscape painters of the 19th century). 

This paper is suitable for all aqueous techniques and as a result of being minimally surface sized it is also an excellent printmaking paper for all techniques. Also ideal for all drawing applications: pencil, pastel & charcoal. 

The medium cold-pressed surface is internally sized with minimal external sizing. William Turner is suitable for all watercolor techniques and as a result of being minimally sized it is an excellent printmaking paper that is also idea for alldrawing mediums, including pencil, pastel and charcoal. 


  • Mouldmade in Germany

  • 100% Cotton

  • Neutral pH

  • Acid Free

  • Chlorine Free

  • 4 deckles

  • Internally sized

  • Medium Cold Pressed

  • Specialty Paper



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