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India Silk

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If one is unaware it was a sheet of paper with just a gentle touch of your hand you might imagine you were holding a piece of silk fabric. 

This luscious, fibrous handmade sheet is very soft and supple. The swirling fibers in the sheet lend to the real look and feel of an actual piece of silk textile. The sheet is exceptionally strong because of its recycled silk & cotton fiber composition. 

Limited to uses that do not require externally sized surfaces, the paper finds itself used for more decorative applications. Ideal for envelope linings and luxury packaging. With just a bit of unique design and creativity this paper can make an ordinary stationery invitation luxurious and rich looking.


  • Handmade in India

  • Neutral pH

  • Mix of cotton & silk

  • Interally sized

  • 110gsm/74# text

  • Specialty Paper



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