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Legion Archival Tissue

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This is an interesting, very light weight, totally archival, non-buffered sheet of paper. 

It was originally designed for conservators who needed to wrap/store jewelry and artifacts (antique and new) to protect the pieces from the damaging contaminants in the environment. 

This still being its primary usage, it has also found its way into other fine art applications. It is a strong sheet making it a conservation paper that can be utilized by the professional framer for attaching/hinging art in a framed and matted piece. 

Although it is a very light tissue weight it has been used successfully as an interleaving protective sheet placed between fine art prints. This is very unique grade of paper - versatile and economical.


  • Made in USA
  • High alpha cellulose
  • Neutral pH
  • Buffered w/3.5% calcium carbonate
  • Thicness = 1 mil
  • Specialty Paper



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