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Overstock Sale Items

From time to time we end up with more of an item than we need. Could be because an item has been discontinued, maybe it was for a project that never happened or maybe we just ordered too much. 

Whatever the reason, these items are your to take advantage of at ridiculous prices (while supplies last). If you're an envelope person, contact us for our closeout envelopes. (There are too many to list here.)

Item Size Weight Color Shts/Pkg Price/Sht  
Kinwashi 38x500yd 30gsm Natural 1 $649.00 ADD TO CART
Pleat 31x43 140gsm Raspberry 50 $0.39 ADD TO CART
Rossi 27.5x39 90gsm CRT003 25 $0.99 ADD TO CART
Sorbet Duplex 28x40 285gsm Capp/Grape 50 $0.79 ADD TO CART
Sorbet Duplex 28x40 285gsm Grape/Blue Ice 50 $0.79 ADD TO CART
Stonehenge 25x38 250gsm Fawn 50 $0.90 ADD TO CART
Stonehenge Journals 6x15 250gsm White 1 Journal $9.95 ADD TO CART
Tanabata 21x31 150gsm White 25 $1.25 ADD TO CART
Thai Unryu 25x37 25gsm Violet 30 $0.50 ADD TO CART