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Created at 600+ year old Cartiere Magnani, Revere was introduced in 2008 after three years of production trials and involvement from some of the world’s top printmakers. 

This range is currently our broadest range of 100% cotton papers offering six tones, three surfaces, five weights (including Revere Book) and many sizes of sheets and rolls.

The suitability of these papers for so many different mediums make it almost a popular for artists who demand certain characteristics for their specific applications: 

  • The "felt"surface is an ideal printmaking paper but will also take pastel, charcoal and pencil

  • The "suede"surface is also a paper of choice by many printmakers because of its supple and medium texture and performs beautifully for all drawing techniques

  • The "silk" (smooth) finish is perfect for printmaking processes that desire that level soft surface with the slightest of texture - silkscreen and etching for the hand lithographers, graphite and colored pencil for the drawing artisans.

The depth of the color palette make it a paper range with unlimited potential to suit an artist's taste - from a cold polar white to warm ivory white, there is a choice to satisfy every creative desire. 

The availability of a matching book paper in 120gsm and 175gsm make this paper an easy choice for the limited edition book printer (especially letterpress and engraving) who expects all the characteristics of a deluxe imported cotton sheet - level surface (suede finish) with great printing and superb folding and binding performance.


  • Mouldmade in Italy

  • 100% Cotton

  • Neutral pH

  • Acid Free

  • Chlorine Free

  • 4 deckles (sheets)

  • Lightly sized

  • Specialty Paper



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