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Rossi Decoratives

Image Courtesy: Robin Beth Designs

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Item Size Weight Color Shts/Pkg Price/Sht
Rossi Decorative 27.5x39 90gsm CRT012 10 $1.59 ADD TO CART
Rossi Decorative 27.5x19.5 90gsm FRT003 10 $1.59 ADD TO CART
Rossi Decorative 27.5x39 90gsm TSC019 10 $1.59 ADD TO CART


Printed on 85gsm sheets using special techniques, this wide range of decorative papers was inspired by traditional Florentine designs of the Renaissance but also includes contemporary alternatives with modern and innovative subjects.

Besides the normal use for wrapping boxes and gifts, it is particularly suitable, with excellent results, also for every kind of production in the manufactory of paper products, bookbindery, creative and artistic hobbies, scrapbooking, origami, DIY, decoration and d├ęcoupage.


  • Made in Italy

  • Acid free

  • 100% sulphite

  • Offset printed

  • Modern patterns as well as some dating to Italian Renaissance

  • Specialty Paper



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