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Velata by Magnani

'The Night Ladder', limited edition fine press book. Linocuts by Silkcut finalist Lisa Pullen and letter-press text by Angela Gardner, published by Light-Trap Press,




Cartiere Magnani's Velata range is interesting in that there are actually two qualities of Velata - and both are mouldmade (sort of).

The paper we call Velata mouldmade has a wove finish and is available in several weights and 2 sizes. (If we do not have the size or weight you desire it can be special ordered). The off white paper is ideal for limited edition book printing and has a perfect level surface for graphite pencil & pastel. 

Now let's slow down the machine a bit and add a more textural wove felt and we come away with a beautiful sheet called Velata Handcrafted. This paper is as close to handmade in look and feel as you can get considering it is manufactured on a cylinder mould machine. The paper has much more texture than it's counterpart in the wove finish - as a result it is great for pastel & charcoal and because it has heft and good bulk the paper can take most printmaking techniques.


  • Mouldmade/ Handcrafted in Italy
  • 100% Cotton
  • Neutral pH
  • Acid Free
  • Chlorine Free
  • 4 deckles
  • Lightly sized
  • Smooth, soft finish
  • Specialty Paper



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