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Bockingford Watercolor

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Bockingford is a beautiful English watercolor paper, traditionally made on a cylinder mould machine at the centuries-old St Cuthbert's Mill. 

This is an extremely forgiving watercolour paper valued by professional and amateur artists around the world. Its unique surface is created by using natural woollen felts that give it a distinctive random texture to the finished sheet. 

The paper is appreciated for its excellent color lifting abilities which enables you to make corrections and get back to the white base paper without issue. This paper can also take heavy washes without displaying any distortion or cockling. 

In addition to the standard white, Bockingford is available in five other hues. This family of colors is known as Bockingford Tints.

These beautiful light colors are excellent for artist's to create instant mood and atmosphere in a painting. The warm shades of Cream and Oatmeal give warmth to a picture, while Blue, Grey and Eggshell a cooler feel to ones work. 

This is a high quality paper which is produced by using the purist materials to archival standards in all facets of manufacturing. Bockingford offers quality watercolor paper at an affordable price. Suitable for Watercolor, Acrylic, Gouache, Pastel, Pane & Ink, Pencil and Charcoal.


  • Mouldmade in England

  • 100% High alpha cellulose

  • Neutral pH

  • Acid Free

  • Chlorine Free

  • Buffered with calcium carbonate

  • Internally sized

  • No OBA's

  • Specialty Paper



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