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Boutique: So...Silk FSC

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Like silk, So…Silk dresses your projects with luxury and elegance. 

The surface of this paper features a sensuous, silky touch (thanks to actual silk fibers), together with a metal-infused iridescent visual effect across the rich color range. 

Many designers are especially attracted to this vibrant color palette with hues not available in other papers. This smooth, sensuous surface makes for flawless printing.

The Boutique family of papers received its inspiration from the fashion industry, weaving the fabrics, colors and textures of fashion into a bespoke family of papers.

Boutique is made in Italy by the long-standing fine paper manufacturer Gruppo Cordenons, one of the country’s oldest mills and the name behind such renowned papers as Stardream and Plike.


  • Made in Italy
  • Acid free
  • Mica coated
  • 88# text C1S
  • 92# cover C2S
  • 130# cover C2S
  • Specialty Paper



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Printing Information
  • Paper should be fully acclimated in its original packaging to pressroom conditions of 70° - 75° F with 50% relative humidity.
  • We recommend a 24 hour acclimation period, especially in cold weather.
  • Use fully oxidizing inks adding a maximum of 3% Grafo Drier
  • Add specific water-soluble drier to the fountain solution.
  • Run water at a minimum with a pH of 5-6.
  • Use a spray powder (particle size 20+ microns) when printing both sides. When only printing one side use a particle size of 30+ microns. This prevents set-off and allows oxygen to enter the stack.
  • Please consult with your ink manufacturer if you plan on aqueous coating.
  • Always score before folding. When using multiple folds, the primary fold should be in the grain direction.