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Colorplan Labels

ZO Tea’s Colorplan Labels designed by Analogue



Colorplan introduces the release of Colorplan Labels- a range of permanent self-adhesive labels in 15 iconic Colorplan colors.

Colorplan labels are designed to offer remarkable versatility in print and production, suitable for an extensive range of applications. The surface flaunts a subtle vellum texture that gives this paper a certain tactile quality, further distinguishing itself from the market as the premier choice for colored paper. 

The labels come in sheet sizes of 19.68 x 27.55 inches and in a weight of 206gsm with the liner and adhesive intact. The breakdown of this is 100gsm Colorplan, 88gsm liner and 18gsm adhesive.


  • Made in England

  • Acid free

  • Colorplan 67.5T/100gsm with adhesive liner

  • Adhesive- permanent, water based, acrylic dispersion, solvent free

  • Shelf life - app. 2 years

  • Application- dry usage only, specifically for PE surfaces

  • Certified for indirect food contacts according to ISEGA

  • Available in 15 colors



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