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Colorplan Labels

ZO Tea’s Colorplan Labels designed by Analogue

Colorplan Labels - Full Sheets (19.7 x 27.6)

Color Shts/Pkg1-4 Pkgs 5-9 Pkgs 10-14 Pkgs 15+
Adriatic 10 $2.50/sht $2.25/sht $2.13/sht Inquire BUY
Bright Red 10 $2.50/sht $2.25/sht $2.13/sht Inquire BUY
Candy Pink 10 $2.50/sht $2.25/sht $2.13/sht InquireBUY
Claret 10 $2.50/sht $2.25/sht $2.13/sht Inquire BUY
Dark Grey 10 $2.50/sht $2.25/sht $2.13/sht Inquire BUY
Ebony 10 $2.50/sht $2.25/sht $2.13/sht Inquire BUY
Yellow 10 $2.50/sht $2.25/sht $2.13/sht Inquire BUY
Harvest 10 $2.50/sht $2.25/sht $2.13/sht Inquire BUY
Imperial Blue 10 $2.50/sht $2.25/sht $2.13/sht Inquire BUY
Marrs Green 10 $2.50/sht $2.25/sht $2.13/sht Inquire BUY
Natural 10 $2.50/sht $2.25/sht $2.13/sht InquireBUY
Pale Grey 10 $2.50/sht $2.25/sht $2.13/sht InquireBUY
Park Green 10 $2.50/sht $2.25/sht $2.13/sht InquireBUY
Racing Green 10 $2.50/sht $2.25/sht $2.13/sht InquireBUY
White Frost 10 $2.50/sht $2.25/sht $2.13/sht InquireBUY


Colorplan’s evolution and commitment to innovation continues with the release of Colorplan labels - a range of permanent self-adhesive labels in iconic Colorplan colors.

Colorplan labels are designed to offer remarkable versatility in print and production, suitable for an extensive range of applications. The surface flaunts a subtle vellum texture that gives this paper a certain tactile quality, further distinguishing itself from the market as the premier choice for colored paper. 

It performs exceptionally well with every printing process, from letterpress to digital. It can adapt to endless transformations, from boxes to business cards, paper bags to works of art.

The labels come in sheet sizes of 19.68 x 27.55 inches and in a weight of 206gsm with the liner and adhesive intact. The breakdown of this is 100gsm Colorplan, 88gsm liner and 18gsm adhesive.


  • Made in England

  • Acid free

  • Colorplan 67.5T/100gsm with adhesive liner

  • Adhesive- permanent, water based, acrylic dispersion, solvent free

  • Shelf life - app. 2 years

  • Application- dry usage only, specifically for PE surfaces

  • Certified for indirect food contacts according to ISEGA

  • Available in 15 colors



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