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Gampi Torinoko

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Gampi Torinoko is a strong, crisp sheet that is translucent, with almost no visible fibers. 

Gampi is a bush found in the mountainous, warm areas of Japan. It is difficult to cultivate gampi, so it is generally collected in the wild, making it both a rare fiber and an expensive one, but it has long been used for papermaking. Its fine fiber creates a thin paper with a strong luster. 

This soft, silky paper looks as if it is glazed, and is also used for mending and conservation of artworks on paper. It is very strong in spite of its light weight. Handmade Gampi Torinoko is a superior sheet for printmaking and drawing.


  • Handmade in Japan

  • 100% Gampi

  • Neutral pH

  • 4 natural deckles

  • Very strong

  • Specialty Paper



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