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Portfolio book printed on Entrada Rag Bright with Glassine interleaving by Michael Zide

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Glassine is a sulphate paper that, while not new to the fine art market, has found its place as a staple for fine art print conservation, preservation and storage. This slick, lightweight, translucent paper is available in both sheets and rolls. It is acid-free and totally archival.

A word of caution when storing this paper: because it is very thin and slick (making it slippery) it is important to try and store it flat. The paper is primarily used as an interleaving sheet between prints when the prints are totally dry. 

Since Glassine has some translucency it has also been used effectively as a flyleaf page in books and photo albums. Though not a great drawing surface due to its slickness, it will surprisingly take light wet media applications and silkscreen.


  • Made in USA

  • 100% sulphite

  • Neutral pH

  • Non-buffered

  • Translucent

  • Specialty Paper



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