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Legion Art Coated Cover

Silverpoint by Joshua Henderson

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Legion Art Coated Cover 20x26 305gsm White 25 $1.25 ADD TO CART


This is one of the first fine art papers that Legion introduced back in the early ‘70s for the purpose of fine art offset printing.

Legion Art was created as a quality heavyweight paper with a sized smooth surface that allows the printer to lay down multiple colors without having to worry about the paper picking or linting onto the offset blanket. 

Made in both a coated and uncoated version, these papers made their mark in the offset reproduction market, which has been almost entirely replaced by digital printing. But until the last fine art offset printer is done printing, we’ll keep Legion Art Coated Cover around. 

It’s still a favorite for offset printers that require uninterrupted runs in reproducing fine art and also has found a niche for silverpoint drawing (as result of its dull, scratchable coating).


  • Made in USA

  • 100% High Alpha Cellulose

  • Matte Coated C2S

  • Neutral pH

  • Acid Free

  • Smooth surface

  • Buffered with calcium carbonate

  • Specialty Paper



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