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Legion Textured Envelopes

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Legion Textured Envelopes were created to match many of the finest cotton papers available, including Somerset, Stonehenge, Rising and Rives BFK (see full list below). 

The envelopes feature a number of stylish design elements such as the elegant elongated flap and a subtle vellum texture that compliment the key characteristics of many fine art papers.

With the extensive range of envelopes sizes and paper choices available you can make your own personalized stationery program. These acid-free envelopes are suitable for most forms of printing including letterpress, engraving and embossing. Available in boxes of 200.

These envelopes are good fits for these papers

The white is a good match for

- Coventry Rag
- Fabriano Artistico Extra White
- Lanaquarelle
- Revere Standard White
- Rising Museum Board
- Somerset Satin White
- Somerset Textured White
- Somerset Velvet White

The softwhite is a good match for

- Arturo Cover Softwhite
- Revere Ivory
- Rives Lightweight White
- Rives Heavyweight White
- Somerset Satin Softwhite
- Somerset Textured Softwhite
- Somerset Velvet Softwhite


  • Neutral pH
  • Acid Free
  • Subtle texture
  • White/Softwhite
  • Created to match Somerset, Stonehenge, Coventry and more



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