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Mirri Lava


Mirri Matte Lava


Mirri Lava is a wash with color in a random wave-like pattern similar to that of lava. This highly decorative paper is available in a variety of colors in a matte finish.

Manufactured using an exceptionally high quality film, the brightness of the metalized surface provides a mirror finish which is further enhanced by the smoothness of the cast-coated board to which it is laminated. With the metalized surface protected by a polyester film, this construction has a high surface energy that offers an excellent key for inks and adhesives. 

Bespoke colors and finishes are available at special request using at its heart the same high quality film as Mirri Silver, colored stocks are dyed during the manufacturing process to produce vivid, deep shades that demand attention. The color is locked inside the film, it is robust and will not scratch or flake. All Mirri stocks are considered print, fold and glue friendly.


  • Made in England

  • High quality film laminated to cast coated board

  • Matte Surface

  • Scratch-resistant

  • Specialty Paper



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