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Who is Legion Paper?

Aristotle indirectly answered that question about two thousand years ago. “We are what we repeatedly do.”

We are a family owned company, with centuries of cumulative experience in the fine art paper business. Yes, centuries. It is not an inherited talent that determines how good we become at something, but rather how hard we work at it.

Sometimes it is daunting, but if you want to achieve excellence in something, it is going to involve relentlessly pushing. For us, passion is an incredible motivator. It fuels focus, resilience, and perseverance. And we love what we do.

A brief history

Legion’s roots stem back to the late 1960’s, when our founders struck a deep fervor for fine art paper. They were among the first to import European and Japanese artist papers into the US and their curiosity, resourcefulness and ingenuity led to the creation of some of the world’s most renowned and respected brands of paper, forever changing the landscape of the industry.

Legion Paper itself was born in 1994 with the goal of traveling the world to bring our customers the finest papers the world has to offer. Headquartered in New York, with offices in LA, NJ and Moab, UT, our ranks have grown to more than 40 strong, all with the same unyielding passion on which Legion Paper was built.

Paper people

Though our influence and products span the globe we maintain a personal touch and are devoted to providing unmatched customer service. In a world of tweets, texts and automated phone menus, we still believe the “human touch” is paramount and cherish that connection with our customers.

We realize our strengths are derived from the sum of our parts, each uniquely instrumental to our success. Legion Paper is filled with individuals all with different specialties, skills, talents, and yes, personalities. And we will treat you as an individual with different specialties, skills, talents, and yes, personality.

When you call our number, it will not be answered by anonymous headset-wearing call center folks but rather by people who have dedicated their lives to paper. Customer service is not an expense to be minimized, but an opportunity to be developed. Whether you’re overjoyed, inquisitive, frustrated or annoyed; our phone lines take all comers and we want to talk to you. We want you to be able to always rely on us. We want to earn your loyalty and your trust.

Our passion for paper

To some, fine paper is the medium that translates what is conceived in the mind to what can be seen. To others, having access to the right paper represents abundant possibility. We strive to offer papers that allow you to manifest your imagination into something tangible and elegant that will pay lasting tribute to your passion. This concept is at the heart of everything we do.