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Sanwa Silk Unryu & Tissue

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One of the oldest fibers in the world - rayon - was originally produced in the late19th century. By the 1920's it became well known for production of curtains due to its durability and soft characteristics. It then found its ways into garments and is frequently used in place of silk in the fashion world.

These same characteristics make rayon a great fiber for the manufacture of certain high end decorative papers as we see here with the Japanese Sanwa range. These papers are incredibly lightweight and featuring a "softness" like no other paper. It is the perfect paper for wraps, overlays and embellishments for the finest packaging, greeting card or invitation.


  • Made in Japan

  • Rayon/Sulphite

  • Transparent tissue

  • Long fiber thread inclusions

  • Tissue is embedded with flecks of gold & silver

  • Specialty Paper



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