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Sirio Ultra Black

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Sirio "UltraBlack" is the most unique and the most intense shade of "Black" satin-smooth text and cover paper ever produced by a paper mill. It's the latest addition of black to the Sirio palette of colors.

Machine-made and refined in Italy by Fedrigoni for incredible performance and application in several mediums; the innovative composition of the alpha cellulose pulp without carbon black dyes prevents oxidation when hot foil processes are used, and also helps reduce scuff-ability.

Sirio "UltraBlack" is perfect for the most sophisticated packaging applications; takes embossing & de-bossing; suitable for offset printing, letterpress printing and serigraphy. Because of its intense coloration it makes the perfect sheet for pastel artists that want a rich, deep and dense black.

The availability of a 115gsm text weight make the production of matching envelopes to the 3 stocked cover weights a non-issue.

This paper is neutral pH to ensure longevity regardless of the application. When the blackest "Black" in a paper is what is desired there can be no substitute for "UltraBlack".


  • Made in Italy

  • Acid Free

  • Neutral pH

  • Certify FSC

  • Available in 115gsm, 185gsm, 280gsm, 370gsm, 460gsm, 680gsm

  • Specialty Paper



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