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Zerkall Book

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This sheet is only a small part of a very deep range of book, printmaking, drawing and watercolor papers produced by one of the oldest mouldmade paper mills in Germany - Zerkall, located about one hour from the historic city of Cologne. 

The excellent folding and binding characteristics of Zerkall Book make it a great choice for all limited edition book work. But don’t be fooled by the “book” name - because of its soft and subtle surfaces these papers are suitable for all drawing techniques. 

This paper is available in 2 weights, 2 surfaces, 2 shades (white & ivory) and 2 sizes - to fit the binding needs of limited edition book printers. 

One of the interesting facts about this mills manufacturing capabilities is that they do not produce roll stock; this as a result of their machinery set up which can only manufacture in single sheet format.

In 1999 Zerkall was chosen by Barry Moser of Pennyroyal Press to produce a special run of this paper with a specially designed publisher's watermark for a limited edition printing of The Bible. 

There is also a very slight natural corner curl to their papers, but this characteristic has never gotten in the way of the papers performing incredibly well for all their designed mediums and has done so for over 4 centuries.


  • Mouldmade in Germany

  • 10% Cotton/ 90% high alpha cellulose

  • Neutral pH

  • Acid Free

  • Chlorine Free

  • 4 deckles

  • Buffered with calcium carbonate

  • Specialty Paper