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Digital Printing

Best papers for digital printing

The capabilities and versatility of digital printers has continued to grow and with it so has the demand for better substrates.  Traditionally the Igen, Nexpress and HP Indigo machines have been limited to the stale offerings of the commercial paper world.  

We're determined to change this and have made great strides in bringing our fine papers and expertise to this market.  Working with key industry partners we have successfully launched HP Indigo certified versions of both our keystone 100% cotton Stonehenge paper and our eco-friendly Legion Bamboo.  The Nexpress and Igen have also experienced successes of their own but since these machines do not require a specific coating, the paper selection process is more a matter of trail and error.  

Legion is committed to developing new and innovative papers for the digital market allowing both printers and consumers alike to offer a truly unique product and escape the monotony of commercial paper.

Kodak printer for digital printing
Digitally Printing on coated paper

Digital Printing Papers