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Made in Italy by Gruppo Cordenons, Stardream is an iconic range of mica-coated metallic papers that revolutionized an industry when it took designers by storm after hitting the market in 2000. 

A true trailblazer, Stardream left every mill capable of making such a grade scrambling to create their own line in its likeness and securing a firm grasp on its coattails. 

Over the years, the color range has continued to evolve with changing trends, birthing new trend-setting color groups like Chiara and Fuse. The most recent additional to the family is Bluebell, the perfect color to welcome in a new baby boy or anything else crying out for a light blue tone.

Offered in a wide range over 30 colors available in both text and cover weights opens this range to a plethora of applications. It also sports a full assortment of matching envelopes, great when served with liners or just straight-up.


  • Made in Italy

  • Acid free

  • Mica coated

  • 81# text / 6pt

  • 105# cover / 14pt

  • Envelopes avail in 7 sizes

  • Specialty Paper



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Printing Information
  • Paper should be fully acclimated in its original wrapping to pressroom conditions of 70° - 75° F with 50% relative humidity.
  • Twenty-four hours is recommended and slightly longer during cold weather.
  • Use fully oxidizing inks adding a maximum of 3% Grafo Drier
  • Add specific water-soluble drier to the fountain solution.
  • Run water at a minimum with a pH of 5-6
  • Use a spray powder (particle size 20+ microns) when printing both sides. When only printing one side use a particle size of 30+ microns. This prevents set off and allows oxygen to enter the stack.
  • For aqueous coating, please consult with your ink manufacturer.
  • Small lifts are recommended
  • The use of an IR oven helps drying time.
  • Always score before folding. With multiple folds, the primary fold should be in the grain direction.
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