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A Revolutionary Design. A New Look for Legion's New Artist Pads.

Art is about connections. Between structure and the whole, ideas and the viewer, the medium and the maker. No matter what the piece of art, all of its elements must work together. Everything must be connected.

At Legion, our art is paper. And now we are proud to announce our new redesign, a bold disruptive look that takes three of our papers, new and old, and connects them so you know that you are getting the quality, consistency and substance you demand for your art.

It was time to break tradition. To create something the market had never touched upon. The design-savvy covers strip away the clutter of conventional pad covers, using a varnish text against a solid background color to capture the attention of the artist without being intrusive. Designed for the artist’s eye, the clean, bold type tells you the paper, a beautiful gloss overlay paints an ephemeral verbal picture of exactly what that paper can do.

Orange on purple? That’s Stonehenge Light. Red on orange? That’s Yupo Medium. And so on and so forth. The papers haven’t changed, we’ve just made it easier for you to find them on the shelf and given them a look you'd be proud to leave out in your studio or on your coffee table.

Together, all these covers will connect all of our brands under an umbrella that any novice can recognize and any artist can appreciate. And connections are what it’s all about.

We are Legion. We are paper.

YUPO demo by artist Sandy Sandy at Dick Blick


For all you Manhattanites, join us this Thursday, August 22nd from 2-4pm at the NEW Dick Blick Store in Chelsea to experience first-hand why YUPO synthetic paper has become the hottest surface to paint on. 

Artist Sandy Sandy takes you through some of her tips, tricks and techniques used to create her watercolor masterpieces.

Since 1996, Sandy has been a professional fine artist and up to January of 2009, has devoted her career to painting full time. A strong connection with animals and nature has been evident over the past years and through thousands of paintings. Her philosophy of spirit, who she is, and who she strives to become, is woven into her work. Having studied watercolor with many nationally known watercolor masters including those from the E.A.Whitney, Brandywine and New Hope Schools has given Sandy roots that are strong in the American Art Tradition.

We’ll also be raffling off a bunch of Yupo paper. We all look forward to seeing you on Thursday.