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Arches® Pictograms


Full article could be found here on the ARCHES® website.

Papermaking on a cylinder mould

Making paper using a cylinder mould is a traditional process which produces very high quality papers similar to handmade paper. ARCHES® has been using this method since 1895.


A large cylinder – the mould – is covered by a wire, a sort of mesh screen which may have areas of relief that will produce a watermark. The cylinder is dipped into the vat containing the paper stock (mixture of water and fibres). The cylinder turns slowly in the vat, and the water in the stock penetrates inside the cylinder; the fibres that remain on the surface, on the wire, will be distributed evenly and regularly. The sheet that is formed is transported on a wool felt that subtly marks the surface with the grain.

The cylinder mould process is the process best suited to produce paper that is stable (it does not deform when damp), with a watermark, a natural grain and deckled edges. Today ARCHES® is the only French paper mill still producing all its art and publishing papers on a cylinder mould.



ENJOY your weekend!

Enjoy your weekend! We look foward to the National Stationery Show starting Sunday 5/18! Come check out our booth #3330 from Sunday to Wednesday 10am-6pm. 

E is for E cards suck, Farewell Paperie, Crane's Lettra Cover Fluorescent White 220

N is for Notebook Paper, a. favorite DesignRevere Silk Bisque 300gsm

J (The History of), Life is Funny Press, Arches Natural White 640gsm

O is for Opulence, Paper Boat Studios, Kochi Natural 119gsm

Y is for Yogurt, Pepper Press, Coventry Rag Vellum White 320gsm

BINGO Papers...Round Four

The BINGO FOR TWO kits are just about complete. Here is another batch of creativity:

Sapling Press, Letterpress and Laser on Mohawk Via Vellum Cyan, 80lb

Power and Light Press, Letterpress on Cosmos Blotting, 360gsm

Pei Design, Letterpress on Arches Watercolor HP white, 300lb

Blackbird Letterpress, Letterpress on Savoy Bright White & Natural, 319gsm and 638gsm

Flywheel Press, Letterpress on Curious Metallics Red Lacquer, 300gsm

Kelp Designs, HP Indigo digital printing on Legion Textured Digital, 95lb