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Bingo for Two

And finally...ClearBags goes BINGO

We're a couple days away to the opening day of the Stationery Show and we wanted to give a shout-out to the great people @Clearbags (booth #3174) who supplied us with these awesome gold boxes that contain the entire BINGO FOR TWO kits.

For those who don't know about Clearbags, they're the ones who create all those crystal clear...well, bags! As you can see they also make a bunch of things beyond bags, including the glassine envelopes shown here and printed by Amber over @FlywheelPress.

Thanks Clearbags (Katie and Danny) for all your support!

BINGO Papers...Round Three

Almost all the tokens have arrived for the NSS 2013 BINGO FOR TWO promo project.  Now we go through the process of collating.  Here are some that just came in:

Fig. 2 Design Studio, Embossed on Rives BFK White, 300gsm

Maginating, Foil Stamped on Rising Museum Board Black, 4-ply

L2 Design, Letterpress on Revere Suede Warm White, 300gsm

Sugarcube Press, Letterpress on Pescia Gray, 300gsm and Lanaquarelle CP, 300lb

BINGO Papers...Round One

With 32 different chips, the BINGO FOR TWO project allows for fantastic designs on a variety of fine art papers. There was only one parameter: The chips must be designed within a 2"x2" frame - everything else was fair-game. 

These set of chips courtesy of:

Shed Letterpress, Hot Foil Stamped on Plike Orange, 330gsm

Farewell Paperie, Letterpress on Saunders Waterford White CP 300lb

Lady Pilot Letterpress, Letterpress on Boutique So...Wool White Merinos, 350gsm

Printerette Press, Letterpress on Somerset Satin Radiant White, 500gsm


Board for BINGO

Design? Check.

Creativity? Double Check.

Talent? Triple Check.  

Paper? BINGO!!!

As you pick up all the components for the BINGO FOR TWO at this year's Stationery Show, you'll notice all the chips printed on different substrates. Some of them you've probably heard about, but we're certain there will be quite a few new papers to savor.

As a fine art paper supplier we try to encourage paper lovers to experiment and try something new. For many (most) of the printers and designers involved in the BINGO project, this was their first time using their selected paper. And once you see the results, we think you'll agree how spectacular the paper performed.

Let's start with a key component:The BINGO boards were designed by Fig.2 Design and printed by DWRI Letterpress on Crane's Lettra Cover Fluorescent.  Here are some production shots taken by Dan at DWRI:

Stationery Show BINGO Project

Get ready to be bedazzled!

The (third!) annual Stationery Show promotional project is going to be bigger, better and flashier than anything we've done in the past.  We proudly present BINGO FOR TWO!

Organized by Flywheel Press and sponsored by Legion, the BINGO FOR TWO project features 22 designers (who are all NSS Exhibitors), printing on 28 different fine art papers using a variety of printing techniques (Letterpress, Digital, Foil, Offset).

As in year's past, attendees at the NSS will participate in a Scavenger Hunt to collect all 32 Bingo Tokens from each designer's booth (see list of participants below).  

Once all the tokens have been collected, swing by the Legion Paper booth #3074 to collect the Bingo Boards and box.

As we count down to the Stationery Show (May 19th, baby!) we'll post more pics and videos of this project.


We're super excited to be working with these exceptional designers and printers and know you'll be impressed with this year's project.