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Modern Multiples

Street Art on Coventry Rag at Modern Multiples

Modern Multiples presents their new Street Art featuring over 80 different limited edition serigraphs from over 10 graffiti and street artists, such as Chaz Bojorquez, Gajin Fujita, Speedy Graphito, Defer, and Saber. Modern Multiples is a fine art printmaking studio specializing in serigraphs and digital giclees. They collaborate with a wide array of contemporary artists and designers to create unique and highly collectible works of art.  Each production is unique in its progression through the different levels of involvement and participation of the artist and publisher. Creating a Street Art Section is a way of celebrating independence and the Freedom of Artistic Expression. 

Many of the Street Art prints are done on Coventry Rag 320gsm including the image to the left, Defer "Treading on a Tiger's Tail". Coventry is internally sized with a modest amount of surface sizing so while it’s predominantly used for serigraphy, it’s also making a great choice for fine art offset lithography. 


Discover more or purchase Modern Multiples Street Art here!

The Luca Barcellona Collection

Our friends at LA's Modern Multiples Fine Art are very proud to present The Luca Barcellona Collection featuring Barcellona’s finest and most elegant works of contemporary calligraphy art printed on 100% cotton Coventry Rag. This impressive collection is a rising platform where design and the execution of lettering flourish as a canvas for fine art.  

Luca is MM's latest artist in residence who just completed the 6 amazing serigraph prints.  You can purchase them here.

Modern Multiples New Online Store

Modern Multiples, a longtime friend of Legion Paper, broke out their new site & online store today, with a 40% Day One discount (mother's day is coming up - we're already going through the catalog...)

MM is a world renowned fine art serigraph and digital printmaking studio that works with a wide range of artists to realize their vision in their prints.  The list of artists who've passed through their doors is long and storied but they're not ones to name drop so neither will we.

In their words: The ultimate beauty of the printmaking tradition is shown in its democratic nature. A fine-art print has the ability to reach a greater population of appreciators that may not be able afford original works, such as paintings. By providing our service the art community, we continue the great tradition of making accessible works of art for the public.

Right on.