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Our new website

After doing this for so long, we often take for granted how much we know about papermaking, paper mills, applications and paper itself.  We've often been told "you should write a book".  

We considered this briefly before realizing that while we know paper, we're not the most eloquent when it comes to putting our knowledge in writing. (Sorry!)  Plus, we figured that a website would be easier.   

When we set out to create this site we had a lot we wanted to accomplish.


  • To share as much information on our papers as we can (or at least as much as we thought people would read at one time).  Besides just sizes, weights and colors, we wanted to give some of our papers context.  Why were they created?  How are they being used?  What are our opinions on them?
  • To go heavy on images.  While there is absolutely no substitute for holding a sheet of paper in your hands, high resolution images were the next best thing.  We hope you agree.
  • To make our sample department easily accessible and affordable to encourage people to try out papers that they may not otherwise have used (or even heard of.)
  • To allow you to search not just by names of papers, but by end use or various categories (that we made up.)
  • To open up our custom papermaking capabilities - we can only stock so many papers but what we can make is nearly limitless.
  • To use our gallery to highlight creative and interesting uses of our papers - as a way to thank our customers for making our papers look so good.
  • To create a forum for people to ask questions and look up answers.  We get a lot of questions each day and this is a way to reply to "the world" (he said, modestly) instead of to one person at a time.

The site is at a point where we felt comfortable releasing it.  But there are still a lot of things we'd like to add.  Within the next few months, we'll add the mother of all paper search tools, as well as customer login to check invoices, order status and more.

For now, we hope you find this site useful, informative, interesting and other positive adjectives we're too tired to look up after writing the equivalent of hundreds of pages of paper-related info.  Maybe we should've just written that book after all.