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Do You Yupo?

"YUPO is a “non-traditional” surface for watercolorists to create  unique and exciting art.

Developed in Japan for commercial uses such as for billboards, large signs, posters, and broad scale marketing, it is not technically “paper”. YUPO is made of polypropylene, very tough, impossible to tear, usable on both sides, and “waterproof”. There is a rumor that YUPO's creators are quite intrigued and amused that Watercolor artists in America and beyond are successfully using it by applying water to a “waterproof” surface!

Painting on YUPO is an adventure---it is the most “free” surface possible- and any watercolor technique works on it, such as wet on wet, wet on dry, dry brush on dry surface, “special effects” like the use of salt or alcohol, glazing and lifting. If an artist doesn't like what s/he has painted, they can simply wash with water and start over!

As the pigments are laid down, they tend to flow on their own across the surface, mergingwith and repelling each other, depending on the amount of water used. It is quite

Artists will find that colors are more brilliant on YUPO than on traditional papers and mixing pigments right on the surface creates some exciting results. Once the painting is finished and signed, sealing it with two light coats of matte acrylic spray creates a permanent indestructible surface."

- Annie Murphy Springer 

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