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The National Stationery Show Class of 70'!

We would like to commemorate the National Stationery Show celebrating 70 years by inviting all exhibitors to be part of the 2016 project- 1970s Baseball Trading Cards! Teaming up with Sarah Schwartz from The Paper Chronicles and Stationery Trends, and NSS, we are very excited to announce this new project for exhibitors at the show. 

Here’s the scoop: NSS is celebrating 70 years in 2016, and to celebrate it, Legion is taking on a trading card pack, each celebrating a specific exhibitor, to be a part of our Class of ’70. Exhibitors will give them out at their booths, while we will be giving out a special container to hold it all together. Far out!

The concept take a design cue from trading and baseball cards from the ’70s. To see some inspiration, check out this fun Pinterest board — but honestly, we are hoping each vendor uses the concept to express themselves however they see fit.

Choose from over 3,000 papers from dozens of mills and brands using any printing method (letterpress, engraving, foil, digital). Why not go crazy and try something new to experiment with? Need help deciding? We are here to help!

Apply here by January 31st. Remember, you have to be a confirmed exhibitor. All submissions will be reviewed by Sarah Schwartz, NSS's own Patti Stracher, Legion Paper, Jill DiNicolantonio from Parse and Parcel, and of course Legion. 

This is a great opportunity to get your name (and brilliance) in front of attendees. Prior to the show, and each of the vendors featured will be highlighted in Sarah Schwartz's Stationery trends presentation, slated for 9 am on May 15.