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Colorplan Directions II: Permanence

In an era in which we are beginning to re-evaluate what we are consuming and why, and in which ‘luxury’ goods are ever more attainable, we look to brands, products and services that offer a greater sense of permanence and longevity. The rich, weight ‘Permanence’ color palette comprising of black, deep grey and gold accents projects a tone of heritage, quality and durability, while suggesting a message of connoisseurship and expertise.

Psychologically black implies weight, indeed in tests it has been proven people will think a black box weighs more than a white one. The color black has also long been associated with sophistication and power – limousines, judge’s robes, and priests’ attire are all typically black. Drawing color inspiration from natural rocks and minerals that take time and process to form, the ‘Permanence’ palette provides a restful and reassuring sense of quality, evoking a mood of power, potential and possibility.

Card 1: Ebony 540 gsm with Gravure embossing Gold foil 

Card 2: Dark Grey 540 gsm with Coltskin embossing Gunmetal foil

Card 3: Bitter Choc0late 540 gsm with Morocco embossing Bronze foil

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