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Artist Veronica Winter Works on Stonehenge

"My name is Veronica Winters, and I’m Russian-American artist working in colored pencil and oil paint. My inspiration comes from a combination of things, mostly my emotions in response to my environment and my travel experiences. I take a lot of pictures for my colored pencil work, and while I create some of the images as purely instructional pieces or as studies of form and light, my absolute favorite type of drawing is depicting the human form, especially women. I love to capture feminine spirit on a flat page, elevating to the ethereal level the inner life and beauty of my models."

"My favorite paper for colored pencil drawings is Stonehenge. I usually buy a multi pad that allows me to work on slightly colored surfaces that I think is great to create vibrant color combinations with few pencils. The colored surface also allows me to finish my drawings faster as opposed to drawing on plain white paper.

But the main advantage to working on Stonehenge surface is the ability to layer colors evenly and in many layers. Because the surface is smooth but still has a little bit of tooth to it, the colored pencils tend to blend on their own, and I rarely need to burnish the surface. The pencils look blended."

"Lastly, this paper comes in various sizes, and my favorite is 9x12” because I can put enough information, yet I’m not overwhelmed by the amount of work it requires drawing larger. And I absolutely love the fact that this paper is thick enough to withstand multiple layering, it doesn’t crumble if I make a solvent wash, and it makes it easy to frame staying nice and even."

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