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Centrado Trading Ltd. Takes on Rising Museum Board


Can you start off by introducing yourself and telling us about Centrado?

I am Bradley Middleton, the General Manager at Centrado. I started in the family framing wholesale business straight out of college in 2008. Back then it was team consisting of my Father and 2 drivers. We serviced a 60 mile radius of our warehouse in Cambridge with a range of framing materials that we purchased through larger UK distributors. In 2012 we merged our business with some friends with a similar operation in the Midlands and formed Centrado. Now we are able to offer a family orientated service to framers across all of England. We have a robust supply chain bringing the best quality products direct from the source – including Rising mountboard from USA! We have experienced very rapid growth primarily based on our core values of reliable, on time delivery and a flexible, customer orientated approach to business.


What attracted you to Rising Museum Board, and how did you find Legion Paper?

What instigated our stocking of Rising Museum Board was a request from a larger framer in the UK doing work for international clients. He was being asked to match Rising colours by US customers and was not able to match exactly. We tracked down the source of this board and our relationship with Legion Paper was born. Another big attraction of the Rising range was the extra large (104x60”) sheets. This gave framers the capability to mount pieces that we previously not possible.


We’re thrilled to have Centrado as a partner. We see big things on the horizon for you. How do you plan to grow the Rising Museum Board name in the UK? What does the future hold?

We are equally excited about the Rising Museum Board. There is a huge potential for framers to upgrade to museum mountboard on all original artwork. Specialist glass has come a long way in the last 5 years and cotton mountboard has just as much potential. As I have already said, Centrado is a very personal company and we are going to be getting out to discuss this product face to face with picture framers all over the UK. We have a sales representation of 4 experienced professionals. They will be setting up framers with the necessary marketing material and knowledge about the product so they feel confident offering it to the end users.


Being that you are the only Distributor of Rising Museum Board in the UK, how can people find you?

We are easily contactable by telephone and emal or on the web. Please get in touch and we can put you in touch with your local sales representative if you would like a face to face meeting.

T: 01480 445480




What have your customers been telling you they like most about Rising Museum Board?

The colours, the sizes, the cutting, the consistency…so far the feedback has been great. It has been a very rewarding product to promote because once framers try it they keep on buying.

Anything closing thoughts you’d like to share with the framing community around the world?

We are on a mission to put energy into the picture framing market. Many people view picture framing as a stagnating and traditional industry. Our management team has an average age of 25 so we are bucking the trend! Finding another forward thinking and energetic partner in Legion Paper has been refreshing so we have high hopes for our co-operation.