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2017 Brand New Conference Program


Mirri Paper was used for the Brand New Conference held in Chicago September 2017.

"The key concept behind it was replicating the distortion effect created by the Cloud Gate in Chicago’s Millennium Park, which happens to sit right behind the venue where we held the conference. " (Armin Vit, Underconsideration


"We used Mirri, probably the best reflective paper I’ve seen and to highlight such lovely paper we did a straightforward deboss of the logo on the cover to further enhance the distortion effect. Additionally, we stretched the reflective concept into the pagination of the book by splitting day one’s speakers on the left side of the book and day two’s speakers on the right side. We emphasized this by splitting the book in half with the help of extended flaps that tucked into the center spread and directed readers to the appropriate side (a video at the end illustrates this as well as showing off the high degree of reflectiveness of the paper). The layouts are “mirrored” too, so day two speakers were flush-left/rag-right and day one speakers were flush-right/rag-left. A cool thing about the Mirri stock is that it has a white back, so we were able to flood the inside front and back covers/flaps with the key blue color from the identity and a great deal of color. In the body, there is a spare use of spot gloss varnish to highlight speaker pictures and names as well as some other small details." (Armin Vit, Underconsideration)