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Pantone Lists Leading Spring Colors

Pantone's 2018 Spring Colors are up and Legion has the paper to match them. We used our Ultimate Paper Selector to search by color through our thousands of papers for to find similar colors on our catalog.

Here are some papers that come close to the new trending colors for Spring 2018.



Cherry Tomato

Little Boy Blue

Chili Oil


Ultra Violet


Find more on Pantone's leading Spring Colors for 2018:

Barbara Rogers wins Legion Paper award!

"Reflections" - drawn on  Stonehenge , 19" x 23" and done using an Icarus board with mostly Luminance pencils.

"Reflections" - drawn on Stonehenge, 19" x 23" and done using an Icarus board with mostly Luminance pencils.

In conjunction with the annual International Exhibition each year, Colored Pencil Society of America presents a fun-filled convention providing colored pencil artists the opportunity to network and become acquainted with other artists, attend workshops led by experienced and accomplished artists, win door prizes at the Art Gala, and enjoy a banquet to see in person the announcement and presentation of exhibition awards.

The CPSA International Exhibition is an annual juried gallery exhibition exclusively for works done in 100% colored pencil. It is held in a different city each year to provide more people the opportunity to enjoy colored pencil as a fine art medium. This year's exhibition was held at the Mansion at Strathmore in North Bethesda, Maryland from June 10-August 6, 2017. The recognition levels included: diamond, platinum, gold, silver, and bronze. One of this year's winners was Barbara Rogers, winning the Legion Paper award for Exceptional Merit.

"Reflections of San Francisco" hanging on display. 

"Reflections of San Francisco" hanging on display. 

Barbara Rogers has always had a lifelong passion for art and has been painting for sixteen years. Her work consists of oils, colored pencils and pastels. She's been exhibited locally and won numerous awards. She is a member of the Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA), as well as Oil Painters of America (OPA). We congratulate Barbara on her award!

A new experimental piece recently finished by Barbara on  Rising . 

A new experimental piece recently finished by Barbara on Rising

The Worlds Favorite Color

Revealed via a cascade of paper helicopters over Humber Street in Hull, G . F Smith announces that ‘Marrs Green’ has been voted the world’s favorite color.

Following a global survey, where thousands of people spanning over 100 countries worldwide voted for their most loved color, ‘Marrs Green’, named in honor of the survey participant Annie Marrs, who chose the shade closest to the winning hue, will now join the iconic Colorplan range as the temporary 51st shade, and will soon be available at through Legion. 

Something changes as we reach adulthood. Our favorite color becomes less important as a statement of identity; some of us never think about our favorite color again — but it’s always there in the background, guiding our actions in ways we may not even notice, let alone understand.

Although we may not think about it, color still touches our lives. It can change our moods, influence our decisions and affect the way we react to the world around us — whether we realize it or not, color preference is one of the innermost drivers of our psychology. Somewhere inside, all of us have a favorite color. And here's what the world has voted...

Available soon!