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The Perfect Paper

Legion recieved an inquiry from a potential eager zero-profit corp looking for their perfect paper. The purpose is all profit going to programs that support the arts, specifically those that teach art as a healing component, and to redirect troubled youth.  They plan to create earning opportunties for those with barriers to employment (e.g. disabilities, seniors).

What were they looking for? A paper that has some tooth to it (e.g.stonehenge or artagain paper, both being perfect for colored pencils), but is sized externally and internally to handle ink, moderate watercolor washes and markers.  Essentially, an all media paper that is the same on both sides, in a compact 90# weight or so, perfect for sketchbooks.

Our answer: You mentioned Stonehenge, which is a paper I created in 1971 for a bunch of various applications; primarily printmaking & serigraphy back then, but now the grade has become a real “go to” paper for all mediums, especially colored pencil.

You mentioned 90# - I am assuming you mean cover weight not text or book weight.

You also mention you want a paper that has texture and is the same on both sides: Stonehenge is relatively smooth and has very little texture or roughness – I did this deliberately when I produced it because the market wanted a semi-smooth (not hot press) surface.

With regards to the surface being the same on both sides, you will not be able to achieve that with a machine-made paper,  i.e. Stonehenge, Lenox, Coventry Rag by virtue of manufacturing – machine-made papers will always give you  a two-sidedness.

Take a look at some watercolor papers:

1.Waterford CP & HP (has some texture) surfaces – 180gsm & 300gsm

2. Legion Multi-media Aquarelle - 300gsm CP (has a medium texture), internally & externally sized, even though it is machine-made it is less two-sided

3.Lanaquarelle CP & HP – 300gsm

Ask an expert for your perfect paper.