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Rives BFK

Hello From Near and Far

The National Stationery Show is now only 6 days away! We are excited to see the post cards begin to gather in New York from all over the world. Don't miss out in collecting a set of post cards at the Show beginning May 17th - May 20th. Stop by any of the participating booths to begin the scavenger hunt with a guide. Stay tuned as we post more information on the blog, facebook and twitter

Greetings from: Farewell Paperie from Seattle using Colorplan, Bruno Press from Minnesota using Lanaquarelle, Maginating from San Diego using Sirio Ultra Black, Gilah Press from Baltimore using Rives BFK Tan.

BINGO Papers...Round Three

Almost all the tokens have arrived for the NSS 2013 BINGO FOR TWO promo project.  Now we go through the process of collating.  Here are some that just came in:

Fig. 2 Design Studio, Embossed on Rives BFK White, 300gsm

Maginating, Foil Stamped on Rising Museum Board Black, 4-ply

L2 Design, Letterpress on Revere Suede Warm White, 300gsm

Sugarcube Press, Letterpress on Pescia Gray, 300gsm and Lanaquarelle CP, 300lb

Deepwater Projects

Scott Sandel of Deepwater Projects recently completed a new piece for the lobby of Cistrix in Santa Clara, CA. (Photo below).  The piece consists of seven 3D prints that are 96 x 36 x 36", and collaged from 250 gsm. BFK Rives uncoated 22 x 30" sheets. 84 sheets, to be exact, with each sheet printed on both sides on an Epson 7800.

After the digital printing, each 22 x 30 sheet was run through the hand etching press with a flat, hand-rolled layer of transparent lithographic tint base (on both sides). Then the sheets were built into collages, and the collages sewn together in a sailmaker's loft in New London, CT.

Each "kite" has three blades, and the corner of each is tied to an aluminum hoop. On the pointed ends there are small swivels that allow the kite to spin with each blast from the building's HVAC system.  

Said Scott, "To me, it illustrates what's possible beyond what's expected...I've been making prints for a while, and in order to keep making a living at this you need to continually have a new idea to inspire you. Breaking the rules by printing big color areas on uncoated stock was just the first rule broken. Bending, cutting, and sewning the BFK was tremendous fun, but the very thought of doing that would make some printmakers squirm."